Food processing plants

Pasta production in Swabia
The production of semi-finished pasta for catering and wholesale requires due to the high price pressure in the market lean production and multi-layered production. The relocation of production to a new production hall with integrated office and social area of operation creates the conditions for the safeguarding of sales. A minimum number of staff required for the maintenance of production was achieved in this project. The preparation of the building was carried out with precast concrete elements and insulation panels for indoor and outdoor use.

Week production: about 120 tons of pasta

Invest Transportation Total: 2.5 million euros

Large meat processing plant in Brno
A family creates a new, modern production facility in single-storeyed building with a built-in shop. Investment costs can be reduced through the integration of existing machine technology for production and utilities. The project is under the control of EU funding.


Weekly production: about 75 tons of meat and meat products

Investment amount total: 3.0 mio euros

Meat processing plant in Prague
In conjunction with a logistics center a meat processing plant was set up with a logistics system. A rational and modern material flows was implemented in the entire building: from the delivery of goods to the customer-related labelling. A high degree of automation, as well as excellent emergency operation mode enables and ensures the daily shipping of fresh meat directly to customers in several countries.


Weekly production: about 250 tons of fresh meat products
Investment amoung into logistics: 2.5 mio euros